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DriveLux has an unparalleled standard for your experience. Only the most exceptional and trust worthy applicants get to call themselves DriveLux chauffeurs.

Extensive Federal State, and DMV background checks

Drug and alcohol zero tolerance policy

psychometrics exam to assess ones personality

recurring service training

Dedicated to Five Star service

Our integration of GPS technology enables a smooth process of tracking, making reservations, and handling billing seamlessly.

Chauffeurs are constantly updated in real-time through their smartphones, ensuring they can promptly respond to any changes in the itinerary.

Every vehicle is equipped with a secure WiFi hotspot, which is provided through our company-owned locations.

To ensure quality control and passenger safety, we have installed onboard DriveCam and Silent Passenger systems.

We keep guests informed about their chauffeur’s location and contact details through SMS and email notifications.

We take great care of our fleet, which consists of late-model, luxurious vehicles that undergo meticulous maintenance. Each vehicle is retired from service after 24 months.

The security of our customers’ personal and financial information is of utmost importance to us. We employ military-grade encryption and firewalls to safeguard their data.

We have established partnerships with leading companies in the hospitality, airline, and private aviation industries.

Through our Global Affiliate Network, we extend the exceptional chauffeured experience to various locations worldwide.

For those who require an extra level of service, our Airport Concierge Service offers a premium, expedited escort through security and boarding (additional charges may apply).

Your Privacy is our Priority!

Real World Experienced Professionals from various backgrounds such as law enforcement and the military!

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